The first bulwark of technical support is the documentation. The hhsSdk.txt file is the most important documentation. The file begins with a discussion of recognition in general and evolves into a discussion of the HandHeldSpeech recognizer in particular. Then there is a section listing every API call, their arguments and their return values. It finishes with appendices discussing phonetics, rules, semantic ids, and enrollment.

Next is the readme.txt and example app that came with your sdk. Cut and paste from the example.

When debugging look in the hhsLog.txt file. The SDK writes a record to that file when something suspicious happens.


When you buy the SDK you get a certain amount of technical support/consulting. When you buy consulting with the SDK, we charge $50/hr for a maximum of 20 hours. We will contract to write your voice application if you so choose. For those type of contracts we estimate the number of hours but then give a fixed price contract for the job.

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