RaspberryPi SDK

Unpack the download in its own directory on your Pi. Open the ReadMe.txt in a text editor and follow the instructions there. The complete documentation on the SDK is in hhsSdk.txt (in the download).

Other SDK Version

All other versions of the SDK require a conversation with our developers. We want to know who our customers are, and we want to ensure we're not wasting each others time. Commercial use is licensed and we do that a number of ways. This is another topic we will discuss with you. Send an email to info@HandHeldspeech.com and include a method for us to contact you (a phone number, a skype id, etc). Very prominently in the subject write SDK. (Because this a public email address it recieves a lot of spam. It is looked at very cursorily and deleted.) If you haven't recieved a response in a timely manner, send another email.

The native build for all platforms is a c++/c library. The native library is built for Windows, OSX, IOS, Android, x86 Linux (Ubuntu), and Raspbian. The SDK can be built in both 32bit and 64bit forms (where appropriate). There exists a c# wrapper for Xamarin, Visual Studio, and Unity development. There exists a Java/Android wrapper. For the particular environment you wish to target, we have example apps. We support English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and to a lesser extent Japanese.

If you want to play with the SDK without contacting us, buy a raspberry pi and download the free sdk.

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