HandHeld Speech, LLC is a privately held company, headquartered in Massachusetts. We are THE source for small foot-print fully functional voice recognition applications that fit in handheld devices. Our software also works on the PC. We sell Voice LookUp for PocketPC, a developer's SDK, and consulting services for vertical applications. Our SDK runs on PocketPC, desktop Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, and uClinux.

We have eliminated the barriers between handheld devices and desktop PCs in the field of voice recognition. Combining proven speech technology with our own revolutionary methods we're delivering to our customers voice recognition applications with a combination of small size and good accuracy never before possible. If you are interested in how we can solve problems for you in the small platform voice recognition arena drop us a line.

Having trouble getting started with Voice LookUp?

Voice LookUp's complete product documentation
is distributed in the download and is viewable here.

The Quick Reference document
(also in the download) is also here.

How can you reach us?
Your feedback is important to us. As we come out with new applications and improvements we will post the information on this site. We'll respond to your email as soon as possible. HandHeldSpeech.com can be reached as follows: 

E-mail your questions and comments to: Info@HandHeldSpeech.com

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